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Additional Services

Outdoor Lighting

When the sun sets in the evenings when your landscape can glow with the addition of landscape lighting.  Outdoor lighting can subtly illuminate a pathway to your front door or up light specimen trees.  We can also create and design zone lighting to have certain areas go on and off at different times.

Holiday Lighting

Are you tired of putting up and taking down Holiday lights every year?  We can take that over for you.  With years of experience we have put up a lot of lighting displays from just simple roof lines to large trees.


Wilson Landscape Services installs cedar and aluminum fencing to enclose a backyard or to create a decorative courtyard look.

Grading and Drainage

With our experience in the Pacific Northwest, we have come across all sorts of water mitigation issues.  Most of the time here in Colorado, regrading garden beds to create positive grades away from the house can fix the problems.  Other times installing french drains/drain tiles in the problem areas will take care of the issue.  We can also install catch basins and channel drains in patios, walkways, and driveways to help redirect the water.

Synthetic Turf

There have been new synthetic turf designs coming out that are looking more and more like real grass.  Synthetic turf is a great option for small yards and extreme ease of maintenance.  Do you enjoy golf but don't have time for practice?  Let us install a putting and chipping green in your backyard complete with cups and flags.